If you are looking to continue your personal and professional development, this 1:1 tailored and bespoke coaching package will help you to holistically review all aspects of your life. It can be easy to prioritise one aspect of life and forsake all others.  You may have a thriving career but perhaps your relationships have been neglected, or perhaps your personal life is fantastic, but you feel unfulfilled professionally? Each part of our lives are interconnected and will impact or change the other.

Life is too short to just  stick with getting by, it should be about thriving and living to your fullest potential!

Within this package, you can either choose to work to an action plan and goals, or you can use the coaching sessions as a space for self-discovery,  to work with what naturally emerges for each session.

This package is a great option if you want to achieve more in all areas of life and feel more balanced, revitalised and able to thrive not just survive.

This Coaching Package Includes:

  • A half hour discovery call to discover how coaching can benefit the client.
  • A holistic review and discussion of all areas of your life
  • A questionnaire to support the client to begin thinking around their goals, challenges, achievements and what they would like to explore within the coaching journey.
  • A tailored and co-created coaching power plan to help the client plan their short-term and long-term goals, plan of actions, challenges to work through and considerations to work through whilst coaching takes place
  • Once a week touch-base email check in
  • Coaching Summaries at the end of each session
  • Coaching questions and tools to help the client think around and approach different situations in between sessions

Time Frame

20 intensive sessions over 10 months